LIST OF THE 5 PSD possible candidate for state presidency, revealed by Codrin Ştefănescu: ‘Everyone has the chance to enter the second round’ – Stiri pe surse


Former PSD (S&D) secretary Codrin Ştefănescu said for ŞTIRIPESURSE.RO on Monday that there is a list with 5 names of potential PSD candidates in the presidential election, after Robert Negoita said the party had no chances and Gabriela Firea refused to offer possible PSD options to presidential candidates.

„Robert Negoita says we have to solve the serious problems within the party. That’s right, we live very hard moments, there is a clear lack of authority, and we are a little bit divisive. However, regarding us having no chance in the presidential elections, I absolutely do not agree with Mr Negoita at all. And because Ms. Firea refused to give a list to potential PSD presidents, I will publicly offer some options. We have people who can fight, and either of them will enter the second round of the presidential election; they are people loved by our electorate and have a great chance in the autumn [elections]. I will give you some names: Liviu Pleşoianu, Olguţa Vasilescu, Serban Nicolae, Eugen Teodorovici and Gabriela Firea, „Codrin Ştefănescu told ŞTIRIPESURSE.RO.

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The Social Democrat added that in the PSD Congress the party must vote for the one who is the most loved among the 5.

„Two things are important. For them to assume their candidacy, to want to enter this battle. Two: The June 29 Congress to choose the best and the most prominent among them, it is very important for delegates at Congress to express their opinion and determine who is most loved. If you have support within the party, the chance for the second round is very high, „the former PSD secretary indicated.

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